Top Entry Tips from our esteemed judges:

Jaaved Khatree

1. Format! Entries need to be clear and easy to read. Proof read and edit please.
2. Avoid the ‘fluff!’ and get to the point! Judges are seasoned professionals who don’t need a hard sell. We need you to show us what problem you
solved and how you did it… without buzzwords.
3. Share as much data as you can to backup your work. Ensure images and graphs are clear. Rest assured your data is not shared. Judges only have access to the entries they are judging and the forms are destroyed immediately after judging takes place.

Sabiha Shakil

1. All sections of the entry form matter and are equally weighted. Fill them all in detail. 

2. Support your strategy with numbers and/or research.

3. Provide as many supporting documents, data, campaign visuals, testimonials as possible.

Murat Yagatan

1. Provide details on implementation. How your strategy was implemented is one of the most interesting parts of your entry and are essential to
helping a judge decide why you should win.
2. Attribute your goals to revenue. Along with breakdown of acquisition channel-specific goals, revenue-orientated performance evaluation provides judges a better understanding of the significance and success of the project.
3. Leverage the power of data-driven and visualised story telling. Blending hardcore user acquisition and activation data (anchored by facts) with refined communication (effective descriptions) will make your points engaging for a judge to evaluate.

Rodolph Abi El Hessen

How effective was the campaign? Detail what your objective was/is and what was attained.