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Kriko’s 2022 MENA Search Awards Journey

Take a look at our 2022 MENA Search Awards journey, where we have been granted the “Best Small SEO Agency of the Year” award, and the story behind this honorary first-time nomination.

About Us

We at Kriko define ourselves as a boutique agency that provides digital work for SEO and beyond. In addition to full-scope SEO services, we also offer content marketing, corporate training, and ASO services to our globally renowned brands. Since our motto is “Kriko works, digital rises!” we aim to constantly grow, evolve, and renew both our brands and us. We do not place ourselves as a third-party agency in regard to our brands; but rather base ourselves as the in-house SEO team with all of the brands we work with. Founded in 2018, Kriko has been meticulously and influentially augmenting into a top-tier SEO service provider.

Our Brands

We have been privileged to work with world-famous, prestigious, and colossal brands throughout our timespan in the sector, including eBay Turkey, Teknosa, Letgo, Corendon Airlines, Bilyoner, Sixt and the Estee Lauder Group. Hopi, Hepsiemlak, Mavi, Sodexo, TEB, A101 and Alarko Carrier are also some of the other local and international brands that we have had the honor to collaborate with.

What Brought Us Here

Working hand-in-hand with such amazing names and producing one success story after another, it was almost impossible for us to resist the desire to give the MENA Search Awards a shot and try out for our strongest and most assertive projects. As Kriko, we applied for the MENA Search Awards in various categories, such as Best Use of Search in Travel / Leisure, Best Use of Search in Retail / e-Commerce, Best Use of Search in Finance, Best Use of Search in Real Estate & Property, Best Use of Search in Automotive, and Best Use of Content Marketing. We wanted to give voice to our platform and share our young yet incredibly talented team’s performance with the rest of the industry.

Our Nominations & Wins

Best Use of Search in Travel / Leisure – Corendon Airlines (Nominee)

Best Use of Search in Retail / e-Commerce – eBay (GittiGidiyor) (Nominee)

Best Use of Search in Finance – TEB (Nominee)

Best Use of Search in Real Estate & Property – Hepsiemlak (Nominee)

Best Use of Search in Automotive – Sixt (Nominee)

Best Use of Content Marketing – Onedio (Nominee)

Best Small SEO Agency – Kriko (Nominee & Winner)

We are extremely happy and swollen with pride to have won the “Best Small SEO Agency of the Year” award on our first try. We are also equally proud to have been nominated and shortlisted as finalists for six other categories. With this, we would like to acknowledge the MENA Search Awards community, thank them for their support, and express that we are ecstatic to have become a part of this amazing family.

CEO’s Note

An event carried on for almost ten years, The MENA Search Awards is one of the most important collaborations in the digital industry, making qualified, meritable, and high-quality evaluations. During long months of hard SEO labor, it can be quite tiring to generate ideas, create strategies, make detailed competitor analyses, and manage optimization processes for algorithms based on the intent of achieving what’s best for our client. However, it is a great source of pride that all these challenging processes will contribute to the sector, and it is very exciting to know that it will be rewarded as a result of an expert evaluation. The encouragement of the MENA Search Awards to urge people and companies to share and reproduce sectoral information and to visualize our success has been one of our biggest sources of motivation in this process.

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